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Opened in April, 2007 
The first high school of industrial training in Japan!
Tokyo Metropolitan Tachibana High School
    career training course
Searching for your own future!!
Our aims:
Our students will ......
#1 have their vocational view in perspective
#2 have ambitions in business enterprises and social services
#3 be highly motivated to extend enterprises and promote industrial development
#4 have responsibility and perseverance in problem-solving

California Educators’ Mission to Japan

“California Educators’ Mission to Japan” visited Tokyo Metropolitan Tachibana High School on Friday, July 4, 2008.
      Mr. Gordon Jackson ( Director ) and five members of the mission who were awarded “The Teachers of the Year in California,” were welcomed by the principal of TMTHS, Mr. Omuro and several stuffs and teachers.  After they were given explanation about TMTHS, they looked around the school buildings and inspected our unique classes where food processing, leather craft, pottery, and other things are being taught. They also visited common classes where students were learning mathematics, English, and so on. In the brief meeting after that, the difficulties and prospect of education in the industrial course were discussed by the members of the Mission and the teachers of TMTHS.


Exchange with National Suiri High School

    38 students of National Suiri High School in Taiwan visited our school on Wednesday the 28th of May.
    On that day,the Exchange students and our students had a field day.Students from each school put on a cheerleading show.Our principal and students who represented our school gave them a big welcome.The vice president of Suiri High School and the exchange students appreciated it.We also exchanged presents.In the end,the students of both schools talked with each other in Japanese and in English.

Cultural Interchange with Omani Students (3)

    The cultural interchange with Omani students was reported in Yomiuri ( one of major general newspapers in Japan ) on Thursday, June 21.
    It also appeared in NIKKEI ( one of leading financial newspapers in Japan ) on Wednesday, September 12, 2007(evening edition).

Cultural Interchange with Omani Students (2)

   High school students from the Sultan’s School in Oman, came to Tachibana High School with their “products” on Wednesday, June 20, 2007. They had been preparing their “products” since their meeting with us on Monday, painting and decorating clocks according to the results from the “marketing research” at Tachibana High. They consist of four groups, each acting as a “company” in the project supported by JCCME.
200 first year students of Tachibana High School gathered in the gym to meet 23 high school students from Oman. After watching the presentation to advertise “products” and “companies,” Tachibana students started shopping at the four “shops.” They enjoyed talking with Omani students and buying beautiful clocks using toy money.
   They sometimes also experienced the difficulties to communicate in English. But Omani students had thought out various strategies to promote their sales and entertain us, making a kind of lottery, writing Arabic letters on the clocks, or even speaking Japanese! Tachibana students were happy to have such wonderful friends from Oman!  

Cultural Interchange with Omani Students (1)

   23 high school students from the Sultan’s School in Oman, visited Tachibana High School on Monday, June 18, 2007.
   It is a project produced by Japan Cooperation Center for Middle East(JCCME), and we have been looking forward to meeting them for some time.  
   They arrived at the school at two in the afternoon, and listened to the adress from Principal, and saw our 6th period classes.   
   30 students of Tachibanas’ stayed after school and had a good time meeting them.
   Their main purpose was market research for the promotion activity being held by Sultan’s students in two days, but eveyone of 53 students from both schools enjoyed talking, taking photograghs together, and exchanging various information.   
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